Welcome to Our New Members!

At our BBQ meeting on 6th September which was held at Clear Water Fisheries in Borwick, two new members were inducted into the club by President Cliff Randall.

Heather Randall sponsored by Immediate Past President Kath Bromilow and now joins us as the second husband/wife team member. Her classification is “Secondary Education – Special Needs” and will join the Youth Service Committee.

Geoff Critchlow sponsored by IPDG Larry Branyan was welcomed into the club under the classification “Construction – Remodelling” and will join the Community and Vocational Committee. Geoff’s wife Raelene Houwen is currently a member of Claremont Rotary in Western Australia and has recently relocated back to the UK.

IPP Kath Bromilow, President Cliff Randall and Heather Randall


President Cliff Randall, Geoff Critchlow & IPDG Larry Branyan


President Cliff Randall, Heather Randall & Geoff Critchlow