Walk A Mile For Polio

Rotary International started a campaign some 40 years ago to rid the world of the dreadful crippling Polio disease.  At the time we started over a 1000 people per day were infected Worldwide with many hotspots in Asia with other large numbers in West Africa too. Since January 2021 there are only 2 new cases reported in the world, one in Pakistan and one in Afghanistan.

On the day of the walk clubs should display placards or banners to advertise our End Polio Now (EPN) campaign. Rotarians should be armed with information leaflets to hand to the public and carry donation buckets for spontaneous giving. Sponsorship money should be sent to our District Treasurer, Larry Branyan (lobranyan@gmail.com) for onward transfer to the Rotary Foundation in the United Kingdom (RFUK). 

To raise funds for our End Polio Now campaign Rotarians in each of the 25 districts in the UK are invited to seek sponsorship for ‘Walk a Mile for Polio’ which will be held on Saturday 23 October at 11.00am.

The mile can be sponsored by as many people who wish to, but no one should donate more than £1. The object is for each district to raise £3000 which is approximately the equivalent in miles of walking from Rotary GB & I Headquarters in Alcester to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. 

By every club walking at the same time on the same day should attract publicity not only for the EPN but for Rotary as a whole and especially for individual clubs leading to a potential membership benefit.

Carnforth Rotary Club members have been given sponsorship forms with gift aid permission. Polio information leaflets will be available on the day for members of the public, sponsors and potential new members.

Members of Carnforth Rotary will be Walking a Mile for Polio starting and returning from Carnforth War Memorial Gardens at 11am. Walkers should assemble from 10.30am.