The Magic of Composting

At our club Zoom meeting on Thursday 2 September Rotarian Paul Dutton of Ormskirk Rotary Club presented an interesting talk on The Magic Of Composting. Paul is DG Elect for District 1180.
Paul gave this talk to an organisation called the Green Network. Composting creates a soil improver and reduces climate change. Composting your kitchen and garden waste will reduce the need to send material to landfill. The compost you can produce will greatly improve soil health and help grow healthy plants and produce more food. All biodegradable materials can be composted. Examples are vegetable peelings, grass cuttings, torn up cardboard and coffee grounds but avoid adding meat waste.
Compost can be made from these biodegradable materials in a compost pile or container or a Wormery. The liquid from a wormery will make an excellent plant fertiliser.
Compost makes an excellent mulch for garden borders. Collecting fallen leaves and storing them in a bag until they decompose will produce, over a period of time, compost that can be spread around trees and shrubs. Recycling leaves in this way will return nutrients to your trees and shrubs.