The Festival of Rotary 2016. District 1190

What a fabulous weekend of fun, friendship and dare I say in some cases, (with special thanks to the Ulverston club), frivolity!

The range of speakers, including dignitaries, was varied, and their topics were extremely interesting, to some being truly inspirational.

Stephen Kermode, Mayor of Sefton, revealed how he became the Mayor whilst fitting a kitchen.

Sarah Littlefield related how the Lune Rivers Trust are aiming to protect and restore the River Lune and its tributaries.

Karen Henshaw, District Inner Wheel Chairman, gave an insight into her travels around the world and her Margarette Golding Award for service to the community at home and overseas.

On Friday evening we were entertained by Ultimate Elton, an Elton John Tribute Band. There’s no denying he looked and sounded the part.

John Martin, author of The Mirror Caught the Sun, spoke about Operation Anthropoid, the assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich.
Rotarian George Blenkinship from Church and Oswaldtwistle presented the progress of the Water & Sanitation Project in Maikot, Nepal. It’s amazing how one idea can grow to provide a water supply to a small village.

Saturday ended with the Gala Dinner and dancing to The Mike Brown Band. We were also entertained by the Ulverston Rotary members, doing the Sand Dance, each wearing their red fez.
Sunday began with a service in the Floral Hall, accompanied by the Salvation Army Band, then Professor Graham Stokes enlightened us on the spectrum of dementia.  A thought provoking speech.
Tricia Stewart, one of the original Calendar Girls, spoke about the Alternative WI Calendar which was initially a joke until touched by the serious illness of a friend; they wanted to raise money for research into blood related cancers. Their aim had been to raise £5000, but 15 years later it had raised £4 million and still continues.
A very busy, but wonderful weekend, thanks to everyone involved.

Saturday started with an interesting talk by Ed Sherry, Programme Director for the National Volunteer Police Cadet programme, which supports over 10,000 young people to become active citizens.

The second speaker was writer, broadcaster and journalist John McCarthy. In his speech John approached his incredible life and experiences with humour, courage and pragmatism. A truly inspirational, courageous person.

Dr Keron Fletcher, Addictions Psychiatrist, spoke about a young girl who had overcome tremendous obstacles in her life.