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Rotary Sponsors “Magical Experience” For Lewis

“It inspired me to always look on the bright side.”

After going through a tough time following the death of his Grandma, a Rotary-sponsored trip to an outdoor pursuit centre gave Lewis a fresh outlook on life.

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Flexibility Creating New Opportunities For New Members

By adding flexible meeting times to their schedule, this Rotary club is attracting new members, and involving them in key projects and activities to maximise their impact to society.

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Lights, Camera, Action For New Rotary Club

It has been the location for over 1000 feature films and TV shows, from Star Wars to Strictly Come Dancing, but now Elstree Studios is also home to a new Rotary club.

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Connecting Communities Through Corporate Membership

From primary schools to universities, Rotary’s corporate membership programme is creating links with education institutions, building the skills of students and strengthening the community.

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Sparking A Membership Revolution In Saltburn

Rotary is all about having fun and promoting good causes locally and internationally.

Meet the Rotary group who underwent a revolution, to diversify their membership and make themselves relevant for the community they support.

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RotaKids Supporting Their Local Community

RotaKids gives children aged 7-12 the opportunities to have fun and make a difference.
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Embracing Rotary’s Flexibility For Working Members

Meet the working members of Frome Town Rotary, who are embracing Rotary’s flexibility to give back to their community.
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Unpacking Social Enterprise

Rotary Social Innovation, a brand new concept of Rotary is promoting social enterprises to build sustainable communities and tackle some of society’s biggest issues.
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Introducing Rotary Social Innovation

Supporting positive change in the community. Getting people together to make a difference. This is Rotary, but not quite as you know it. This is Rotary Social Innovation.
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New Style Clubs – Wrexham Glyndwr

Rotary is the flexible and rewarding way to get involved with your community and make a difference.
Meet Wrexham Glyndwr Rotary Club, whose diverse and enthusiastic members are serving their community by tackling homelessness and hosting exciting events.
We are People of Action and together we transform our communities. Get involved with Rotary.
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Rotary Supporting Young People

Every year Rotary helps thousands of young people achieve their dreams.
Together, we inspire young people to showcase their talents, take part in community projects and unlock their potential through our youth competitions and programmes.
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Rotary On The Brink Of Polio History

For more than 30 years Rotary has led the campaign to rid the world of polio, protecting 2.5 billion children from paralysis and death.
With Rotary advocacy and fundraising, we are on the brink of one of the greatest global health achievements ever.
Get involved with Rotary and tackle the world’s biggest challenges.
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New Style Clubs – Marlow Bridge

Rotary clubs get involved with hundreds of projects every year, championing good causes in their communities. Marlow Bridge Rotary Club is one of many new and flexible Rotary clubs allowing busy individuals to volunteer in the community. The club’s first project was to support Paralympic gold medallist Naomi Riches in her world record rowing challenge!
We are People of Action and together we transform our communities. Get involved with Rotary.
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Bentley Motors Give Back To Community Through Corporate Rotary Club

Staff members at Bentley Motors in Crewe started a project supporting the homeless in their community after forming the UK’s first Corporate Rotary Club.
Rotary is the great way for your organisation to turn their Corporate Social Responsibility ideas into action through volunteering and projects.
How could your organisation make a difference? Get involved today.
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Young Rotary Members Blazing A Trail In Manchester

Develop your skills, meet new people and give back to the community. Meet Martin and Nicole, two young Rotary members who are fulfilling their ambitions through Rotary.
Rotary brings together people from all walks of life to make a difference. Get involved today.

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Rotary Members Unite To Tackle World Hunger

Two days, 29 Rotary clubs, hundreds of volunteers and 100,000 meals packed to feed hungry school children in Kenya. Together, we unite to make a difference.
Rotary is the place where ideas turn into lasting change.
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Learn, Develop And Grow With Rotary

Rotary changes lives with countless humanitarian projects locally and globally, from helping the homeless to eradicating polio.
In the process, members of Rotary find their lives are changed too.
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Family Rotary Club Use Skills To Kick-Start Local Charities

Meet the family friendly Rotary club who donate their professional skills to kick-start local charities through their ‘Pimp My Community’ programme.
We are People of Action and together we use our time and talents to make a difference. Get involved with Rotary.
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