Chernobyl Children (and helpers) Have Fun

Over the last 10 days, Rotarians have been happy to support the friends of the children of Chernobyl by helping to act as reception for the children on many days when the hosts had to go to work. We received them at the Silverdale Cricket club, which was opened especially for us, and gave the children a great time.
From here, there have been many outings sponsored by our club.  The first was to the Police Museum in Manchester where the children dressed up in various bobbies’ uniforms from past years. They were taken to a real courtroom, often used in TV and film dramas, and then locked in the cells. The judge was a Russian who eventually released us in order to continue with our day.
We took them for walks on the shore, which they love,  swimming lessons at Bleasedale house ,plus a wonderful lunch which they provided and a lot of fun in the grounds with all the equipment they have.
 The best day for all (although Nigel Joan  Kath and Mike were nearly broken at the end of it) was a visit to Haven holidays where they had the most special time.
It started with a ranger experience , he had given up his day off just to come in and show the children how to make fire without matches, brew hot chocolate and then toast marshmallows ( very popular).
From here we went on the Bungee jumps (again the guy had given up his day off, driven from Manchester to Blackpool) especially to open up the bungees just for them. 
Then Ice skating, where  the children were amazed when the owner of the concession spoke to them in Russian. It turned out he was an ex ice skating champion, and  once again the ice rink had been opened especially for them.
We then had a picnic where loads  of salad a literal mountain of fruit was consumed.
I would like to pay special compliments and thank most sincerely Jenny and her team at Martin Mere holiday camp, where they all went above and  beyond their normal duties to give the children the best day of their lives and they are all FANTASTIC. 
From here to the water splash park where all, including the helpers,  got rather wet but no problem as it was 26 degrees.
Finally to the swimming pool where we all had fun until it was time to get out and get ready to go home. However, just before we left a mini picnic of cake and fruit was devoured.
Next was pond dipping at Leighton Moss, where there were signs written in Russian, the volunteer greeted them in Russian and even tried to explain some things in Russian. The effort made by all was amazing.
From here to lunch provided by Holgates and bowling and a play in the grounds.