Life Straws, simple yet effective.

At our Club Zoom meeting on Thursday Steve and Sharon Harford from Brynmawr Rotary Water Project Limited gave a presentation on Life Straws. In 2019 a Charitable Company was formed. Lifestraw is a portable water filter using an ultra filter membrane made by Vestergaard. Vestergaard also provide the distribution organisation. The device can remove 99.9999% of water borne bacteria. A person can live without food for a few weeks but can only live a few days without water. Safe drinking water is important and especially so for young children and pregnant and nursing mothers. These devices can provide clean water for people in areas of developing countries where there are no clean supplies available from wells. There are individual, family and community sized models of the water purification filter available. The personal ultra filter can treat 4,000 litres of ‘dirty’ water and produce. purified water by its filtration process. At end of life it will be impossible to suck any water through the filter. The family filter can provide 18,000 litres of purified water.
When Vestergaard are working in disaster areas where the filters are needed the Charity will work with them to help provide filters. Partnerships are being explored to work with the ‘School in a Bag’ charity to get access through their contacts in the countries they operate in who will be receiving the bags.