Mike Willets – Herbs For Health

At our club’s Zoom meeting on Thursday 14th October, our own member Rotarian Mike Willets gave a very interesting talk about “Herbs for Health”. Mike began a career in horticulture working for Hilliers, moving on to own and operate his own landscaping business, but was later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to close the business.

Mike purchased Morecambe Health Foods, which he ran for twenty years. He studied the scientific uses of herbs in herbal medicine theory and practice. Leading experts in herbal products were Dr. Vogel and Jan de Vries. Specific Herbs extracted  in a water alcohol mixture from either leaf or root are tested and adjusted to a standard concentration to ensure control over dosage.

Mike described a number of herbal treatments for a variety of ailments which are effective. Amongst these were Uva ursi for urinary tract infections; Milk thistle for liver problems and hangover treatment; Peppermint oil for heartburn; Slippery elm for acid reflux; Ginko biloba for chilblains; Echinacea plus Goldenseal root for immune system boost; Lavender oil to heal burns.

Mike stressed the importance of consulting a herbal medicine practitioner and not to purchase remedies online without taking suitable advice. His enthusiasm for using herbal medicine shone through his presentation, which was well received by the members present.