Guest Speaker – Rotarian David Dunsmore “The Music Storyteller”

At our meeting on 12th September, Rotarian David Dunsmore “The Music Storyteller” from Preston Rotary gave an interesting talk about how music has been an integral part of his life.

His first memory was of hearing Peer Gynt by Greig, at his sister’s ballet school and he was further influenced by his father’s taste in music, playing an excerpt by Fats Waller.

David spoke about his time at Radio Leyland, where music he played music from 1920’s to the 1960’s. He enjoys a wide genre of music, including classical, Big Band up to modern, and loves to find the stories behind it.
One example was the theme music used for the film “Brief Encounter” by Rachmaninov which was filmed at Carnforth station in 1945.

President Pete and host Larry Branyan gave thanks on behalf of Carnforth Rotary.