Fredrika Buchanan – Action for Wellbeing

At our online meeting on Thursday 11th November, Fredrika Buchanan spoke to us about “Action for Wellbeing” based in Kendal. Action for Wellbeing is a registered charity set up in 2018.

Freddie started the organisation after a close friend committed suicide. She decided that there was a need to work on a one to one basis to provide support to individuals. She was able to obtain funding from the National Lottery to creat the charity.

A number of volunteers have been trained to provide telephone support leading to befriending. In 2018 there were on average 18 suicides per day (6507 per year). In comparison 1770 people died in road traffic accidents in 2018. Males accounted for three quarters of registered suicides.

There is currently no residential provision in the Morecambe Bay Area. People who refer themselves are often placed in a Psychiatric Unit away from their home area. A respite house is planned in the name of Cheyenne Gardner. Current fund raising efforts via a JustGiving page and a GoFundMe page are now focused on the respite house.