Denis Spiller Elected 2017-2018 RIBI President

Denis Spiller of the Rotary Club of Strood, has been elected President of
Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland for Rotary year 2017/18.
starting out as a member of Rotaract,
Denis’ life has been shaped by Rotary for 35 years, where he has been club
president twice as well as playing varying active roles within Rotary.
on his election, Denis said: “When I first received the call you could say
there was a bit of numbness to the news, but it quickly turned to excitement as
it began to sink in. I feel it’s the start of a new Rotary journey for me, and
that’s what I feel Rotary is all about – journeys for its members. We’re in an
exciting period of change and I hope to make the most of these changes.
future of Rotary is all about the clubs, because this is where we benefit the
community, it’s where real Rotary happens. We already have a good management
team and structure in place so I’d like to concentrate on clubs by enabling
them to be as successful as possible in order to grow and multiply.”
who is a professional manager with Hewlett-Packard Education Services, will
take over as president of Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland on the 1st of
July 2017.