Crocus Bulbs for Polio Awareness – Bleasdale School and Carnforth Rotary

Bleasdale School in Silverdale and Carnforth Rotary have worked together
to complete a four week crocus bulb planting project, intended to increase
awareness of the determined effort to eradicate polio worldwide by 2019.
The project has involved; an introductions afternoon that assisted Rotary
members to understand the difficulties of four significantly disabled young
people, and two Thursday afternoon bulb planting sessions, a short walk away from
the school. The fourth Thursday was the presentation of Rotary Certificates to
the pupils and members of staff, along with the Rotary Club being given two
“Thank you” cards and some potted crocus bulbs that also had involvement of the
This was a part of the school citizenship lessons working with charity
groups, with Rotary Club members and helpers appreciating the tremendous
effort staff put into educating their young people – assisted by an extensive
range of wheelchairs, push bikes, the especially adapted swimming pool and
other equipment.

The bulbs in the grass oval at St John’s Road, and elsewhere in the area,
will have small Rotary signs placed nearby when the purple flowers appear early
2017 and there will then be store collections to enable funds to be donated;
donations that are doubled by Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda) in a
determined effort to complete the immunization programme that has reduced the
polio cases by 99% since 1988 and saving more than 13 million from paralysis
and death.