Children of Chernobyl 2018

This is our 5th year of helping with the children of Chernobyl and have increased our involvement significantly, taking them on several outings and giving them as wide a variety of experiences as possible.

To see the joy on these children’s faces, children who live in terrible conditions and who have often a very restricted life span, is wonderful and extremely rewarding.

This year we have taken them to the dentist, where many had dental work including several extractions. They have all received new toothbrushes and plenty of toothpaste hoping that it will encourage them to look after their teeth. They also went to the opticians for glasses which will make a lot of difference in their lives

They went to Salt Ayre Play Centre where they had a super party which they really enjoyed.  It was hard to get them off the equipment.

Next, we took them to the Butterfly House and Mini-beast Centre at Williamsons park, after which, they enjoyed a huge picnic and then played on the 2 super play parks there. Another big hit.

They also had a barbecue, a Jacuzzi (2 days running they loved this so much) and then to Jump rush at Morecambe, the children’s faces when they saw this were wonderful to see

The children have eaten pounds of strawberries and blueberries, many melons and apples and lots more fruit, as well as 6 large boxes of tomatoes, which they adore.

Now all that is left to do is the final concert. We have had much fun teaching them the HOKEY COKEY, which they perform ‘Belarussian style’

Carnforth Rotary has already pledged to continue to support this wonderful cause.