Carnforth Rotary Purchases Play Kitchen for Slyne with Hest Pre-School – 16 June 2014

Carnforth Rotary Club received a request from the supervisor of Slyne with Hest Pre-School to fund a new play kitchen.

Slyne with Hest Pre-School was opened in 1969 and is registered on the Early Years Register. The Pre-School is managed by a voluntary committee and located in the village of Slyne in Hest Bank, operating from the memorial hall.

Our Rotary Club visits Slyne each December with Santa’s sleigh to raise money for local charity.

The play kitchen has now been purchased and is set up in the Hall. It comprises a number of sturdy wooden units which the children can use in imaginative play. Club President Malcolm met some of the Play Leaders and the children. He was presented with a picture to thank the Club signed with hand prints