Carnforth Rotary Club’s Christmas Sleigh Raises £7,626

The Rotary Club of Carnforth Santa’s Sleigh collection raised £7,626 from generous public donations over 16 outings. This was up by 6.5% on last year. Carnforth Rotarians assisted by members of Carnforth Inner wheel and local police cadets were out most nights on the run up to Christmas despite the wet weather. Santa’s Elves were kept busy drying Santa’s outfit ready for the next day! Thanks also to Norjac Mitsubishi in Carnforth for providing the Sleigh towing vehicle and to Speights of Lancaster for the Satsumas to hand out to children – and thus complete the magic of Santa’s visits.

All money raised will be used to support projects in the local area. Some of the money has already been used for vouchers which were handed out to deserving families to purchase toys just before Christmas. If any local organisation or cause would like to be considered for a financial donation from the proceeds of the Sleigh Collection please email details of your request to