Carnforth Rotarians Enjoy The District 1190 Conference in Newcastle

A group of Carnforth Rotarians together with their partners attended the District 1190 Conference in Newcastle last weekend, arriving back home on Sunday evening after an incredible three days with Rotary in Lancashire and Cumbria.

The Conference highlights were:-

The Juniper Trust a small local charity helping the impoverished to build schools and provide clean water and solar lights in Asia,Africa,and South America.

Incredible Edible which promotes the increase of growing more of our food locally.

How the integration of new and diverse groups into our Communities can enrich the lives of everyone in our Communities. Above all the contribution of young people to our Society was demonstrated through RotaKids, Peace Scholars, Exchange Scholars and Rotary led programmes such as Youth Speaks.

30 years ago Rotary promised the youth of the World we would eradicate Polio we are so very close.

If you want to know more or help us please contact our Secretary, Cliff Randall