Bob Bailey – “Amateur Dramatics in Our Area”

At our Club Zoom meeting on Thursday 24th February, Clerk to Carnforth Town Council, Bob Bailey presented his talk on “Amateur Dramatics in Our Area”.
Bob has been taking part in Amateur Dramatics since 1998. Morecambe Warblers, Lancaster Amateurs (LADOS), Kendal Amateurs, Lancaster Red Rose and Morecambe Amateurs all provide opportunities to try for parts in their shows.
Bob spoke about the important roles for a successful production which are director, choreographer, musical director, stage manager and production team.
Rigorous auditioning always takes place to get the best cast member for each part. There has to be many rehearsals before the first live performance in front of a paying audience.
For individuals there are many benefits of amateur dramatics including educational, development of acting skills, improving self-esteem, social and enjoyment.
The club members were quite taken aback at size of the budget for staging a production. Copyright owner’s royalties are a significant contributor to the total cost of around £35000.
Photo top image Bob Bailey