BBC Radio Lancashire Rotary Funded Defibrillator Interview with Sally Naden – 30 July 2014

On Wednesday 30 July Past DG Kevin and Carnforth Rotarian PP Mike Craddock drove to Clitheroe for an interview with Radio Lancashire’s Sally Naden which was broadcast live on the last 10 mins of her 11.00 -12.00 radio show. 

Kevin and Mike were part of a group that comprised a local Rotarian; members of the Town Council and one of the First Responders team who had been responsible for training many of the 1000+ local community via the Heart Start initiative.

The interview took the form of a chat forum with all invited to make comments throughout the interview in approx.3 x 5 minute sections.

Sally introduced the group and made a short film for her Facebook page. She talked with the Council about the purchase of an old Telephone box for £1 which was then refurbished and fitted with a digital lock. A Rotary funded Defibrillator was installed

Members of the public on placing a 999 call could then be given the digital code by the Ambulance service to get access to defibrillator and hopefully SAVE A LIFE.

Sally asked Mike about how access to a defibrillator 3 years ago at the Sands Centre, Carlisle saved his life when his heart stopped and he effectively would have died had it not been for two unknown ladies who first administered CPR prior to to the use of the Sands Centre’s defibrillator to restart his heart.

Mike was with his wife Gwyneth at the time and she now runs the First Responders group in Bolton-le-Sands.

The interview then turned its focus to the establishment of RotaKids groups within primary schools throughout Cumbria and Lancashire. Through the fundraising efforts of Carnforth Rotary Club sponsored Arkholme School RotaKids the children raised enough moeny to purchase a defibrillator for their village.

Past DG Kevin has secured funding for the purchase of more defibrillators. Each unit costs £800 with another £800 required for the housing. Matching funding from Rotary Clubs throughout our district will enable the purchase of double the number placed.

The use of defibrillators in emergencies is not limited to older people. The life of an 18 year old girl at school was saved by the use of one of these machines. She is now a very keen first responder. Defibrillators have recently been placed along the sea front in Blackpool and there are now three in Clitheroe increasing the chance of saving the life of someone suffering a heart related problem.