Ann Oliver – “Scam Awareness”

At our Club’s Zoom meeting on Thursday 10th March, Anne Oliver of Age UK Lancashire, presented a talk on “Scam awareness”.
A scam is a fraudulent activity against someone. There is a scam every second being perpetrated in this country. Scams are costing the UK economy 5 – 10 billion £ per year.
The scams can lead to financial and emotional distress. There are telephone, doorstep, online, romance and postal scams. Impersonation scams are often carried out by which people can be defrauded.
Delivery courier scams for parcel charges are also fraudulent which people may assume are genuine. Phishing scams to get bank details can lead to a significant loss of money. Funding from Lloyds Bank Foundation enables Age UK to present Awareness talks and one to one sessions for people at home.
Banks are now more proactive and can prevent a customer from drawing out money when being coerced by a person attempting to defraud them. On the bank premises the customer can be taken aside and asked for what purpose they are drawing the money.
Age UK are working with the Police and Trading Standards to coordinate action against Scammers. Anne gave this piece of advice – “Just count to ten before you act”.