Adam Ventriss – “Wines of Etna”

At our Zoom meeting on Thursday 12th January, Adam Ventriss presented his talk on ‘Wines of Etna’. Adam is the co-owner of Chapel Street Wines in Lancaster.
There are vineyards around three sides of the land below the volcano, Mount Etna. The nearest city is Catania. There is a long history of wine making in the region. After years of neglect of the vineyards there are now 166 producers of Etna wine. The volcanic lava derived soils are different across the vineyards and this influences the flavour of the grapes. The altitude of the vineyard affects the speed and timing of the ripening of the grapes.
The white wine can be compared to a Riesling. The red wine from the local grape varieties is the most important wine of the Etna region and can be compared to a Pinot Noir.