Sam Pickett – Textile Artist

At our face-to-face meeting on 9th September, Sam Picket, Textile Artist, spoke about her art project ‘Saturation Point’. Sam lives in Over Kellet where she has her studio. Sam plans to investigate rural and urban wild spaces to reflect our changing climate. She has teamed up with another Over Kellet resident, Martin Lord who is an environmental scientist. Many artists use natural materials from gardens and hedgerows from which to extract dyes . Sam will arrange a series of organised seasonal foraging walks around Carnforth and give talks. The foraging would take place over seven group sessions in woodland, coastal, hedgerows and urban areas.
The colours of the dyes produced will be used to create textile art work to demonstrate data associated with climate change effects in our area.
Martin who has recorded weather data in Over Kellet from 1997 to date, described how weather pattern variation produced changes in rainfall amount, indicating which months, e.g. April had very little rainfall and other months, August had more rain recorded. Martin observed that the trends he is recording indicate a progressive change in our local climate.
Sam concluded by showing a photo of a rag rug which was made from fabric pieces on which the colours had been produced by natural dyes. This kind of article will be one outcome of the project to reflect climate change. A video of the stages of the project will also be produced.
Our members were impressed by Sam and Martin’s approach to raising the profile of climate change.